Visualizations of the ECCO Project's 1/48° MITgcm Simulation (aka llc4320)

This page provides access to precomputed visualizations of the Estimating the Circulation and Climate of the Ocean (ECCO, Project's 1/48° Massachusetts Institute of Technology general circulation model (MITgcm, simulation, a 14-month global simulation of the ocean (September 2011 to November 2012) that resolves internal tides and admits submesoscale and internal-gravity-wave variability.

The visualizations make accessible nearly all of the output from the simulation: all scalars, all levels, and all regions. A number of different resolutions are available, from single animations that show a global view to regional closeups that are nearly the same resolution as the simulation.

The different resolutions are organized into five series of animations. Three series show most of the globe, and two show the Arctic. The highest resolution series showing the globe has 128 different views organized into 8 rows and 16 columns. The medium resolution global series has 8 views that roughly divide the domain into eighths, and is organized into two rows each having 4 columns. The lowest resolution global series has a single global view. The high resolution Arctic series has 26 views organized into 6 rows and 5 columns (four views are blank), and the low resolution Arctic series has a single view.

Each series of views has visualizations available in two or three different animation resolution sizes, ranging from about 800 by 600 to sizes that only fit on a 4K monitor. Finally, the animations are available with different time steps, ranging from one hour time steps to one day time steps.

For more information about using this page, the ECCO group has a web page with detailed instructions.

Use the menus below to select the animation series, scalar value, and simulation level (depth). A scalar must be selected before the Level menu is populated as the number of available levels vary by scalar. Selecting a 2D scalar automatically selects the single available level. Once the three selections are made, an image map appears below that shows thumbnails of each available view. Clicking on a thumbnail will open a new tab with a page that has links to animations for the available resolutions and time steps.

Series Scalar Level


Note: The menus are sometimes unresponsive when using Safari and returning to this page using the browser Back function. The work-around is to reload the page or to reselect a different value in one of the working menus.

Model output from the 1/48° MITgcm simulation is available at Technical aspects of the visualization are described in Ellsworth et al. (2017). The MITgcm is described in Marshall et al. (1997 a, b). The 1/48° simulation has resulted in more than 80 science publications (see References).


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