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[Updated 12/01/2023] AI-3000K represents a major upgrade on the semi-empirical IR line lists for hot CO2, covering 0 – 20,000 cm-1 and up to 3000 K. It is first computed from a CDSD2019-oriented potential energy surface refinement (X01d PES) and one of the best CO2 dipole surface (Ames-2021-40K), and further integrated with CDSD energy levels for more accurate line position, and Einstein A coefficients from Ames-2021 296K IR line list for more reliable intensity predictions. ... With consistent convergence (>99%) in the whole range of 0 – 10,000 cm-1 at 2000 K, or >90% in the whole range of 0 – 9000 cm-1 at 3000 K, AI-3000K is a valuable reference for the analysis and modeling of combustion and hot exoplanet atmospheres where CO2 may be present. Preliminary studies reveal better overall agreement with Shock Tube experiment near 2000 K, when compared to HITEMP2010 and UCL-4000. Citation: X. Huang, R. S. Freedman, S. Tashkun, D. W. Schwenke and T. J. Lee, "AI-3000K Infrared Line List for Hot CO2", J. Mol. Spectrosc. (2023) accepted. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jms.2023.111748. Please contact Xinchuan Huang (xhuang@seti.org or Xinchuan.Huang-1@nasa.gov) for questions.

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