Dataset Owner Description Updated
Dataset Owner Description Updated
ECCO Dimitris Menemenlis Estimating the Circulation & Climate of the Ocean (ECCO) Feb 06, 2020
Mars Climate Modeling Center Melinda Kahre Mars atmospheric science and global modeling datasets for NASA's Mars Exploration Program May 01, 2020
qFlex Simulations Salvatore Mandra Simulations of quantum circuits using qFlex Jun 28, 2019
Earth Science Rama Nemani Geostationary satellite data for monitoring the earth Feb 12, 2020
Bertrand et al. 2019 Pluto Sputnik Tanguy Bertrand Raw Model (GCM) output data from the simulations described in of Bertrand et al., JGR 2019 Pluto's beating heart regulates the atmospheric circulation: results from high resolution and multiyear numerical climate simulations Dec 06, 2019
SMODE Hector Torres Gutierrez High-Resolution simulation of the California Current in support of Sub-Mesoscale Ocean Dynamics Experiment (S-MODE) Mar 17, 2020
VELA Generation 3 & 6 Halo Catalogs Sean Larkin Rockstar, Consistent Trees, and Baryon Mass data from the Generation 3 and Generation 6 VELA Simulations. Contains merger trees and halo catalogs for all central and satellite halos down to 10^06 MSun. Apr 23, 2020
Top-Down NEE estimates between 2015-2017 used in Liu et al., 2020. Junjie Liu Top-Down monthly NEE estimates at 4(degree) x 5 (degree) resolution between 2015-2017 used in Liu et al., 2020. Apr 27, 2020
Custom Data Portals
Heliophysics Nagi Mansour Rapid data search and classification of solar flares updated daily

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