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Top-Down NEE estimates between 2015-2017Top-Down monthly NEE estimates at 4(degree) x 5 (degree) resolution between 2015-2017 used in Liu et al., 2020.
CO2 fluxes from Byrne et al.This dataset contains the prior and posterior net ecosystem exchange (NEE) and ocean CO2 fluxes presented in Byrne et al. "Improved constraints on northern extratropical CO2 fluxes obtained by combining surface based atmospheric CO2 measurements." Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres (2020): e2019JD032029.
CMS-Flux CO2 fluxes and CO2 concentrations between 2015-2021This dataset consists of 3-hourly surface CO2 fluxes and 3D-CO2 fields between 2015-2021. The fluxes and concentrations are constrained by OCO-2 column CO2 observations and surface CO2 observations.

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