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You can use this portal to browse and download heliophysics datasets
shared by the HMS team.

HMI Synthetic Data Synthetic data for the solar disk center (0°), 30° and 60° latitudes of the FeI line (6173A), which corresponds to an operational wavelength of the Helioseismic and Magnetic Imager on board the NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory.
(Data owner: Irina Kitiashvili)
3D EULAG Global Models of Solar-Type Stars 3D global models of solar-type stars for Rossby numbers 0.4 and 2. The results are published in Guerrero et al. (ApJ,  880:6, 2019, https://iopscience.iop.org/article/10.3847/1538-4357/ab224a)
(Data owner: Gustavo Guerrero)
Spherical Convective Dynamo Models The dataset provide the output of spherical convective dynamo simulations of solar-like stars with the Pencil Code for different rotation rates.
(Data owner: Joern Warnecke)
Meridional Circulation Simulation 1 FITS file (64 bit doubles) of a 60 hour simulation with 1 min time intervals (4000 time steps): MC_l200.fits; 5Gb, Mercator projected map of model surface, 2D mesh - 600 points in longitude, 300 points in latitude.
(Data owner: Andrey Stejko)
GALE - Meridional Circulation 3 FITS files (32 bit single precision) of 60 hour simulations with 1 min time intervals (4000 time steps), corresponding to models K1, M1 and M2 in Stejko et al.(2021) arXiv:2101.01220: K1_MC.fits, M1_MC.fits, M2_MC.fits; 2.7Gb, Mercator projected maps of model surface, 2D mesh - 600 points in longitude, 300 points in latitude.
(Data owner: Andrey Stejko)

Custom Portals
Solar Flare Database Rapid data search and classification of solar flares.
(Data owner: Irina Kitiashvili)
Radiation Data Portal Measurements of the Earth's radiation environment from the Automated Radiation Measurements for Aerospace Safety (ARMAS) project.
(Data owner: Irina Kitiashvili)

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